We know this chili isn't super traditional, but we are loving the spicy buffalo kick that it brings. The ranch garnish helps mellow out the flavors and brings the dish together into a real crowd-pleaser.


• 2 cans Serious Bean Co. Buffalo Beans• 2 cans (2x 14.5oz.) petite diced tomatoes - drained

• 8oz. deli roasted chicken - have deli slice into 1/2" slices & cube into small dice

• 1 Cup celery - diced

• 1/2 Cup sweet onion - diced

• 1/2 Cup water

• 1 tsp. kosher salt

• 1/2 tsp. black pepper

• olive oil for sautéing

• ranch dressing for garnish


Pre-heat medium sauce pan and add olive oil, diced onion and diced celery. Sauté until they are somewhat translucent. Add beans, diced tomatoes, diced chicken and water. Bring to simmer for 15 minutes. Add salt & pepper, stirring frequently. Serve immediately in bowls garnished with a swirl of ranch dressing.