Southwest Smokehouse Black Beans 12 pack

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SERIOUS Bean Co Southwest Smokehouse Black Beans will have you seeing turquoise. They’ve got all the best Southwestern flavors: ancho chilies, smoked paprika, turmeric, and secret spices. (We know a guy.)

These beans don’t burn – they sizzle, leaving just a tiny twinge of heat in your throat. But just when you need it most, a kernel of sweet corn takes the edge off. Part BBQ, part southwestern, and all seriously delicious, Southwest Smokehouse Black Beans are soaked in a rich, smoky sauce. Perfect for pairing with smoked meats and veggies of all kinds or satisfying enough to eat like a meal – if you’re into that.

This brand-new recipe meant countless rounds of taste testing. Ace ate batch after batch until we finally hit on a recipe so good, we had to share it with the world. Southwest Smokehouse was born, and Ace is fine now.
how do we eat our beans?

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